School Ventilation Design

Traditionally, a primary focus of Turner Building Science & Design, LLC (TBS) has been on creating learning environments. We have designed numerous school facilities throughout New England, many of which incorporate energy saving strategies such as displacement ventilation. All school designs, regardless of budget, focus on exceptional indoor air quality, quiet learning environments, and superior temperature control.

Public Schools:

Systems designed for public schools are typically designed with special consideration for usability of systems. School personnel are typically not trained to maintain complex HVAC systems. As such, we have developed systems that minimize maintenance needs, and simplify control and user input without compromising performance and energy efficiency.


Understanding the role they play in conserving our natural resources, most university building projects have a significant focus on sustainability and many use the USGBC's LEED® rating system as a benchmark for environmental consciousness.

We understand this need and have a policy that all of our engineers be LEED® accredited professionals and have a thorough understanding of design strategies crucial to creating ultra low energy consuming systems. Our latest Emax™ Hybrid Solar/Geothermal System is an example of an ultra low energy HVAC system created by TBS&D.