About Turner Building Science & Design

maine office photoTurner Building Science & Design, LLC is a solutions oriented team, dedicated to the development of healthy environments in new and existing buildings. We use our diverse building science background to create innovative, energy efficient new designs and provide safe, comfortable indoor environments. We strive to integrate engineered systems and architecture facilitating communication between design professionals and working towards quality products and high client satisfaction.

Turner Building Science & Design, LLC. (TBS) is a professional team of engineers headed by Mr. William A. Turner, M.S., P.E. The collective diagnostic and design experience of our staff includes the indoor air quality evaluation of over 20 million square feet of commercial, industrial, institutional, and educational space.

TBS's capabilities include all aspects of indoor air quality services, from building evaluations and diagnostics, designs of new/additions/renovations of buildings, to mechanical system design, containment design for renovation activities in occupied buildings, research, and training.

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