Certified Passive House Consulting

What is a Passive House?

The Passive House Concept is a comprehensive system developed in Germany that promises a decrease of heat consumption in buildings by 90%. This is achieved through a highly insulated and virtually air-tight structure that is primary heated through passive solar and internal gains.

What are the Passive House Requirements?

Performance Characteristics

Additional Recommendations

Who is PHIUS?

The Passive House Institute US (PHIUS) is a non-profit organization that provides nationwide training and certification of Passive House consultants. They are also engage in the design guidelines for Passive Houses as well as the development of minimized mechanical systems for heating, cooling and dehumidification.

What is a CPHC?

A Certified Passive House Consultant is trained to use Passive House methodology for residential, commercial, and retrofit scenarios, and is prepared the meet the Passive House standard in all of North America’s diverse climate regions.


Please visit www.passivehouse.us or www.phaus.org for more information regarding the Passive House movement in the United States.