HVAC Commissioning

In the commissioning process, we bring our clients a wealth of knowledge and experience gained through creating original designs that integrate architectural and engineering design aspects.  TBS is unique in its approach to performing facility assessments, by treating the commissioning process similar to conducting an extensive forensic investigation.  Many commissioning companies look at a building to ensure the systems are hooked up and running, TBS, in addition to ensuring correct operation, makes sure the actual modes of operation implemented by the DDC software are as intended, and as required to meet the client’s needs and expectations. 

Commissioning projects involving TBS have the benefit of custom web-based management information and data management tools.  By logging onto our project database, Contractors, Owners, and Commissioning Agents can keep up-to-date on the commissioning project, and effectively distribute documentation and important communications.  Our commissioning project database contains project specific documents for tracking individual system construction and operation status, design intent documents, and field observation reports.

We also possess, and are trained in the use of many industry specific tools useful for troubleshooting building systems.  Some examples include:

Control systems are key to a properly functioning mechanical system, controls issues can lead to energy waste, occupant discomfort, and ongoing maintenance headaches.  This building component may easily appear complete and correct on the surface, while hidden defects can result in problems for Owners months down the road.  It is critical that controls be reviewed by an independent third party in order to validate building controls.

Our Commissioning Team has dealt with the challenges of building controls from both the perspective of the Design Professional, Building Owner, and the Commissioning Agent. Through our past projects, we have worked with all major building automation and control systems, and are proficient with Honeywell, Siemens, Andover, Johnson, and Trane controls.