Alternative Energy

Turner Building Science & Design, LLC. designs cutting-edge ultra high efficiency hybrid solar/geothermal heating and cooling system that can either completely eliminate the use of fossil fuels or reduce fossil fuel consumption by 90% if a peaking boiler is employed. The ultra high efficiency of the system reduces actual energy consumption costs by about 75% making it possible for energy cost savings to pay for most of a financed installation without increasing out of pocket spending. Our purpose is to create the most sustainable, energy efficient, and affordable design that can be implemented for significant reductions in total CO2 and independence from fossil fuels.

Using the advanced Emax™ Hybrid solar/geothermal system, our design approach provides the following principle advantages:

The chart below indicates the significant usable BTU's/Dollar and CO2 reduction advantage of the Hybrid system compared to the other geothermal alternatives. (click image for full size)

BTU's/Dollar and CO2 reduction advantage chart

By far, the two biggest advantages are that the Hybrid system decouples a facility from utility and fuel supply costs and availability, and provides a drastic reduction in total net CO2 into the environment with no potential adverse effects to the groundwater.